Here Are 6 Ways To Help Breakthrough Writer’s Block

Here Are 6 Ways To Help Breakthrough Writer’s Block

Writing music as an indie artist is certainly fun especially when we have an awesome beat to write to, but sometimes we want to write but we are stuck and don’t have any inspiration. 

Here are 6 ways to help breakthrough writer’s block

  • Use another song as a jumping off point for chords, melody and rhythm
  • Use a sampled beat to get the juices flowing because sometimes hearing rhythm helps to organize your thoughts. Start moving and dancing as well. This can help free up ideas.
  • Team up with someone to bounce ideas off of and get new energy going
  • Write a letter to someone who hurt you or helped you to get new lyric ideas
  • Pick an onomatopoeia word to build your song around with rhythm and meaning
  • Just commit to writing one idea for rhythm, harmony, melody or lyric each day for 20 minutes and gather up your ideas at the idea of the week and there will be a song in there somewhere. 

I hope these songwriting tips were helpful. Send me a message and let me know which ones worked or if you have another process you use to help break through writer’s block.