Upgrade Beat License

Upgrade License

Easily upgrade your license for more options

If you currently are on a Basic plan you can upgrade to a Premium or Unlimited plan and only pay the difference between your original purchase and the plan you are upgrading to.

If you are currently on a Premium plan and want to upgrade to an Unlimited plan you can do the same and pay the difference in the license prices. 

After the process is complete an upgraded license will be sent to you via email along with any files that come with the new license agreement.

If you want to upgrade from any plan to an Exclusive license please contact us via our contact form on the About page.

Before you start the upgrade process check to see if the beat is still available. If you don’t see it in the Beat Store then it’s possible that the beat has been licensed exclusively already.

Please include the following in your message:

  • Email Address used to purchase the beat
  • Name
  • Order ID
  • Beat Title
  • Type of upgrade requested

Key points:

  • You can only upgrade one beat at a time
  • It is not possible to downgrade your license
  • Upgrade prices are not negotiable
  • License upgrades are not included in any special deals or bulk deals

Upgrade Form

Upgrade Form

* indicates required

Only use the buttons below after you have received an email confirming your upgrade approval.