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Hi there!

My name is William Smith and I’m a music producer from the Washington DC area. Thanks for checking out my music.

I’ve been producing music for over 24 years and in my other life I was a touring saxophone player and jazz musician. I currently teach music technology at Bowie State University.

I love to create many styles of music and believe me I studied many styles of music to get my PhD in Ethnomusicology. Yes I am a doctor but don’t ask me to prescribe any medication for you unless it’s a smoking hot track. Some of my specialties are trailer music, movie scores, jazz, hip hop, R&B, dancehall, reggae, EDM and epic pop music.

I host a weekly podcast titled Making Money in the Music Business that provides resources and information for independent artists and producers to help you make more money from your music business. We are syndicated on DC Radio and are on all podcast platforms. You can visit the website at: